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Deep in the mountains of East Tennessee, you will find the small rural community of Locust Ridge. If you were to visit this area, there is a good chance if you stopped to talk with anyone, their last name would be Allen. The center of the community is a small church, Evan’s Chapel Baptist Church. It is more than just a white building on top of a hill; it is the place where the lives of Russell, Josh, Larry and Andy were molded and their desire to serve the Lord was fostered. Russell, Josh and Larry are all brothers and Andy is a long time friend that is as close as family!

The brothers had been singing locally for a while when they asked Andy to come aboard as guitar player. All four men love music but make no mistake, this is a ministry to them. They have strong desire to let the Holy Spirit lead in services where they play. They each realize that when the Spirit moves, things will happen. Certainly, they hope folks like the music and they are all about having fun when it is time to have fun, but it is no show. God’s work is a serious business and Locust Ridge is serious about being reverent to God’s house and his calling. If the band could be summed up with one word, it would be “common.” Locust Ridge is comprised of common men with a common desire to serve the Lord!

Josh Allen: Tenor Vocals, Mandolin

Russell Allen: Lead Vocals, Guitar

Andy Blalock: Guitar & Banjo

Larry Allen: Baritone & Lead Vocals, Bass


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